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Secretarial & Administrative

Every business will have some form of administrative team from accountancy firms to large multi-million pound corporate Business.

 Whilst the owners and Senior staff look after the the future of the business, the administrative teams will over see the day to day running of every business. sometimes over looked for there contributions in the operation of running a finely tuned corporate machine. Many companies would struggle to operate if it wasn’t for the people that handle the day to day jobs around the office. 

Hear at Job Studio recruitment we know what it means to have a great team driving and delivering results, going above and beyond what is needed to get the job done right. it is our aim to find the best staff that will support and add to the value of your business.


Employing around 3.5 million people across the United Kingdom, the hospitality industry is part of that back bone that supports the UK economy.

From waiters and waitresses to general managers though to chefs, every hospitality company knows how hard it is to find reliable staff and Job Studio recruitment understand this better than most. with over 10 years working on the front line in some of London’s most prestigious venues i have personally seen the best and unfortunate the worst the sector has to offer. that is why Job Studio is dedicated to going above and beyond to try and not just find you your idea staff member who are actively looking for there next role but to head hunt talent on your behalf.

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From pickers and packers to fork lift drivers and deliver drivers. these key members of staff keep the United Kingdom running.

If it wasn’t for these people many, many of the day to day things we take for granted just wouldn’t be possible. from manufacturing to warehouses all around the UK dedicated people help many businesses deliver many companies final products. 

Here at Job Studio we understand that having the right people in your company will meet customers expectations. Let us help you find that person who will double check that order, check that pallet is safe and deliver that parcel on time.

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Here at Job Studio we are dedicated to be part of your back of house staff, supporting your recruitment needs in finding that key person that will make your business possible.

If you are an employer and would like Job Studio to work with you please contact us today.

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